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Jon Goodman's Seal Replacement Instructions

Download PDF Instructions: Right click and save PDFs to your computer.  Mirror Damper, Small Seal and your camera type would be the most appropriate files to download.


Mirror Damper
Mirror Damper (German) NEW
Small Seal
Small Seal (Italian)
Small Seal (Spanish)
Small Seal (French)
Small Seal (German)
Small Seal (Portuguese) NEW

Camera Type:

Canon AE-1 & similar Canon styles
Canon Canonet G-III
Canon Canonet G-III (French)
Fujica AX-3 style SLR
Fujica ST 605
Fujica ST 701 NEW
Konica Auto S2
Konica C35
Mamiya C330 and similar
Mamiya/Secor 1000 DTL SLR
Minolta Hi-Matic
Minolta Hi-Matic F Rangefinder
Minolta SRT Super & others similar
Minolta SRT Super (Italian)
Nikon/Nikkormat EL
Nikon EM style SLR Updated
Nikon F2
Nikon F3
Nikon FM
Nikon FM (Italian)
Nikon/Nikkormat FT3 style SLR
Olympus OM-10 Data Back
Olympus OM-1n & OM-1 Updated
Olympus OM-2s and similar stye SLR
Olympus OM-10 style SLR
Olympus XA series
Pentax ME series SLR
Pentax Spotmatic SP SLR
Petri Racer Rangefinder
RB 67 Film Back
Ricoh KR5 / Sears KS 500
Ricoh XR6 / Sears KS Super SLR
Sears/Ricoh Misc Models
Yashica Electro 35
Yashica FR II style SLR
Yashica Lynx 5000 Rangefinder



These files are offered to assist you in the re-sealing of various popular camera models. More will be added as time permits. To my knowledge and from my experience, they are accurate. I can not be responsible for any error, mistake or omission, but if you notice any, please let me or the site owners know, and we will make corrections. Neither the site owners nor I can be responsible for any damage to your camera (direct, consequential or otherwise). If you need to know more about re-sealing supplies, please contact me at Jon_Goodman@yahoo.com, and put something in the subject line like "light seal material."


There is a file in here named Small Seal, and it is included in English, Spanish and Italian. This is a set of general re-sealing instructions, and I think you should read this one before beginning any re-sealing work. For those of you who feel nervous about replacing the mirror damper pad in SLR style cameras, there is a file named Mirror Damper Replacement. I think this would also be a good one to read in order to appreciate some of the differences in damper pad design, removal and replacement. Also, what works in one camera may or may not work in similar cameras. I would invite you to study files on similar cameras if you find your camera not yet represented in this list. For example: the Nikon FM series is almost exactly like the FE series as respects light seal design.


Please do not use any solvent on or near your mirror damper pad or focus screen. It is far too easy to ruin these screens with harsh solvents, and once ruined, they must be replaced. Also, please do not use solvents like acetone, MEK, toluol or similar. Denatured alcohol and Naphtha are the safest and best.


You will notice I have included some instructions which have been translated into other languages. If you are able to translate these files correctly into any other languages, camera repairers and users around the world would definitely appreciate your efforts. This is all voluntary work, but if you want the MS-Word files these pdf files were created from, please let me know. Please do not offer to translate using Babel Fish or other free translation programs. Those are handy but generally not suited to technical translation.